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Orca Essence

I am Noah from Duvall, Washington and I hope to become a Biologist. Even though I have Autism, I dont let it stop me from my goal. Southern Resident Orcas are near extinction. If we don't act now they will be gone. I say this since whales are my favorite animal. I have loved whales ever since I first watched Free Willy. These are playful, curious and friendly creatures with families to take care of. They lost enough family to starvation and pollution. I'm sure we all know what it feels like to lose family, one way or another. The Orcas have been in decline since 1995, the very year the Free Willy 2 was released. This past year, two of them died, and one of them carried her dead calf for 17 days. Only one calf was born this year, and three females are pregnant. These three females and the newly born calf are not expected to survive the summer, unless we do something. These orcas depend mostly on Chinook Salmon for most of the year, which are also threatened. Please share awareness of this issue. All of the proceeds from the sale of our Orca Essence Mitts will be donated to 4 Oceans. For more information on how you can help our Orca population visit: