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Cocoknits & Earl Grey in Stock

We're pretty excited about the new Cocoknits products and we couldn't be more thrilled with the color palette.

In our shop you will find the new Maker's Board along with the magnetic ruler/gauge, and extra magnets.

We also have the new color palette of Cocoknits Stitch Stoppers and Triangle Stitch Markers called Earth Tones.

In addition to these beautiful and useful items, we carry the Cocoknits Kraft Caddy with optional Leather Strap Kit - great way to add to the organization of your latest WIP(s).

AND.... we received a large addition of Earl Grey Fiber Company yarn in fingering weight. During the LYS Tour, we nearly sold out of our Earl Grey yarn, so this influx was super fun to see and timely. We were all gaga-ing (you get my meaning!) over the beautiful colors. More yarn is ordered and should be here next week! But if you've been searching for fingering weight colors for a new project, come check out the new color additions. We have brought in some new-to-our-store colors. I already bought mine, so the rest of you are welcome to what's left :)

We have a fun surprise for you next week as we start to gear up for the Holidays, so watch this space for that.

In the meantime, enjoy your knitting time!

Judy & Megan


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