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Too Many Wips?!

The weather has changed - cold nights and mornings, warm breezy days. With the cooler nights, we've been cozying down and pulling out our knitting and queuing up podcasts.

We've been watching:

  • Andrea Mowry's I'll Knit If I Want To where she answers questions from viewers about yarn and knitting.

  • Les Garcons where we seriously drool over all the incredible makes and yarns by these two and aspire to spin as well as Max the Knitter

  • Stephen West's Mystery KAL videos - we're jumping in with both feet and would love company. Share pics on instagram with us. The fun starts October 8th and the shawl is called Shawlography. What does it look like? We have no idea, it's a mystery, but we know it'll be a challenge and we always learn something new. We'll probably be knitting a shlanket (but who knows?!) since this KAL requires 5 skeins of 100g fingering weight yarn. We posted color ideas on instagram if you need inspiration or a jumping-off place

  • Sticks + Twine's episode entitled Organized Knitting who has us rethinking our WIPs and wondering how long it will take us to dig ourselves out from under them. We loved his thought process and we swooned over his spreadsheet. Oh how we love our checklists.

After watching Sticks + Twine's episode entitled Organized Knitting, Judy and I went through every box, bucket, bag, shelf and drawer in our homes and cars gathering our works in progress (WIP).

We then got together via Zoom and reevaluated them. Each one got the question: keep and finish, or frog? (Rippit Rippit) Most decisions were relatively easy. A few we agonized over. Is it worth the knitting? Do I like the color? Would I wear the completed item? Would I finish it to give away?

Any guesses how many WIPs Judy had? (the answer is below!)

New Additions to the Shop

We have the latest Pompom Quarterly Mag Autumn 2021 Issue No 38. You can see the collection on Ravelry here.

We also carry many back issues. Pictured below is a sampling; a complete list can be found in our online shop.

Woolstok Light

This is a new line from Blue Sky Fibers in 14 gorgeous colors. Made from 100% Highland Wool, this single ply yarn is soft and lofty with beautiful stitch definition. These 50g hanks are great for colorwork, cables and textured stitches.

We have ordered all of the colors and we're excited to start working with this yarn. We think you'll appreciate it too.

Back to WIPs

Not everyone has a ton of WIPs going on at the same time. Some of you are fairly monogamous knitters, which we think is incredible. Some of you have less than 10 projects on the needles at the same time.

And then there are people like Judy and I. Her grand total was 52 WIPs. Mine? 26. After the evaluating process, Judy is down to 27 WIPS. Everything in process now still wants to be finished.

Next step is to set some goals on how to finish them all. Some are close to the end, others we've just begun. Some are quick knits, others are long-term projects. As we continue to figure out the best method of finishing projects in process while still allowing ourselves room to enjoy our knitting, we'll check in here with updates. Knitting brings us joy, so we don't want to get bogged down in hard fast rules of finishing only and miss out on fun, creativity or the chance to connect with community.

Happy organizing!

Judy & Megan


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