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Who-ville Holiday Sock Box

It's that time of year we start knitting for others

We dream about things we can make for our mothers

But before we get caught in the holiday bustle

We need some bright socks to improve all the hustle

With these scrappy warm woolly socks on our feet

We can point our mistakes out to all those we meet.

Or we'll knit them for someone who makes our heart grow

And gift them a bit early so their holidays glow!

Knit socks, you say, at a time like this!

Who would take on something so lud-i-crous?

There's shopping and wrapping and work to be done

Would socks be relaxing or something to shun?

When the Grinch stuck his head out of the fireplace flue

The first thing he saw was not Cindy-Lou Who

It was the Who-Ville stockings all hung in a row

And he said that these stockings were the first thing to go

But for you, our fun friends, we know just how you knit,

Your stockings, instead, will be a smash hit!

Then just think how exciting, you'll totally grin,

Because somewhere out there you'll have a sock twin!

Each box includes:

  • 120g total of fingering weight yarn. All yarn contains nylon. All are wool, some have small amounts of cashmere, silk, and stellina.

  • 20g of a glitterbase for heels and toes

  • 10-12 assorted colors in a Who-ville theme. Not all boxes are exactly alike, but all follow the same color theme.

  • Featured yarns: Trilogy Plush, Studio Q Aria & Amelia, Spindle Warps, Mountain Colors, Intrepid Otter, WYS Signature 4-ply in stripes, variegation, solids, tonals, speckles, glitter.

  • Chart of hearts to duplicate stitch on toes

  • Recipe for adding bobbles to one of your stripes

Follow your favorite sock pattern for some stripy goodness. We don't care whether you're Team Toe-up or Team Cuff-down, we just wanna see your socks. Please tag us on instagram with some of the hashtags below and use @Quintessentialknits

Need a good vanilla sock pattern to follow? Try this one.

Don't knit socks? The holiday box would make a great stripy Sockhead hat, or two pair of stripey mitts.

We are taking pre-orders now. Sock boxes will be ready for pickup in store or shipping to your home on Oct 27th, 2021. Then you can knit to your heart's content, no matter what size it is!

Classes: Duplicate Stitch & Afterthought Heels

We will be offering two small classes to inspire you as you knit your socks in November! You don't need to be knitting socks though in order to join the classes. They are open to all!

Duplicate Stitch

Think about learning the Duplicate Stitch if you haven't already. This class is not just for sock knitters. Duplicate stitch can be used on any of your knitted items, even ones purchased from a retail store.

Duplicate stitch is a fun addition to socks, hats, sweaters, and gloves. It can be used for large motifs or for personalizing a handmade item with a small detail. Generally it is not a difficult skill to learn but in this class we teach some tips and tricks to make your duplicate stitch a success, no matter where you incorporate it.

Think hearts on the toes of your holiday Who-ville socks.

Click the button below for the date, times, and details.

We are limiting our classes to 6 people total and ask that masks be worn during class according to store policy.

Afterthought Heels

Afterthought heels are fun and kind of amazing to knit and give you the ability to knit a tube of sock yarn uninterrupted by a heel in the middle of the knitting. They are the perfect solution for self-striping yarns because the stripe sequence is not broken up by the placement of the heel. Learn to knit all your sock tubes and put in a heel later when you have time and headspace for it, making this the best kind of knitting to carry with you when you're on the go or just want a potato-chippy project.

We will learn to put in waste yarn for the heel and discuss the method for a true afterthought heel (yes! that involves cutting your knitting). Afterthought heels are a little fiddly at first but exciting to execute.

Click the button below for the date, times, and details.

We are limiting our classes to 6 people total and ask that masks be worn during class according to store policy.

The knitting season is upon us and we couldn't be more thrilled! We'll be back soon with WIP updates so watch this space.

Judy & Megan


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